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variant(❀❀) build 0.164a
Status: Editing Memories + Business Development
Interest: Neural Network Design + Encryption
Food: Steak + Redbull (Wish)
Game: Shenmue II
Color(s): Hyper-Green + Purple-Pink-Vermilion + Onyx ~ Purple+Pink Balance
Book: Cryptanalysis: A Study of Ciphers and Their Solution
Music: Sweep Β· Blue Foundation
Trend: Women's Skateboarding
Word: Integral
β–šβ–œβ–œβ–šβ– β–žβ–Ÿβ–Šβ–œ β•³ β–šβ–Šβ–™β–™β–™β–œβ–™β–šβ–ž β–Šβ–Šβ–Šβ–Šβ–Šβ–Š
Code of Conduct∞ 2 Player Venture